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Smart Home Technology Systems

 Ready to start building out your smart home?

Here at ET we can help you bring your home into the future by installing some home automation, multi-room audio systems or, network cabling in some or your entire house.

The way forward for you could be adding in some of the following:

 Wi-Fi / smart phone controlled lights or sockets which could allow your control your lighting from your sofa or when your away from home
 Smart heating controls such as nest thermostats which can learn how you like to heat your home and learn when you want rooms in your home warm
 Single / multi room audio systems, sound system which allow you to connect your selection of music to be played in a room of your choice
 Single / multi source audio systems, this can allow you connect multiple sound sources such as phones, radios, hi-fi or devices like Alexa or google home
 New data networking cabling or extend existing network, fed up with Wi-Fi signal dropping out of need more reliable connection for computers or games console.


We will contact you shortly to arrange a time to estimate for works.